So today when I was reading SHAPE magazine while sweating at the gym I came across an interesting article called “Fight FOMO” by Anna Maltby. It talks about how social media can actually cause higher levels of stress and anxiety because it causes many people to experience “FOMO” aka “fear of missing out.” This feeling can especially be heightened around the holidays when everyone is posting lots pictures of their fun festivities! This is so true!!! Funny, but true! Crazy how a tool that is supposed to help you feel more connected can do just the opposite! In fact, I’ve heard many stories of individual’s feelings getting hurt because they happened to run across pictures of an event that they weren’t informed of. Anna explains in this brief article how that seeing the exciting events happening in the lives around you can make you feel left out and can in some cases increase feelings of loneliness. Somehow a night in doesn’t seem as appealing when you hear of all the fun things going on around you. It can make it difficult to balance social time and time for personal rejuvenation! So how about shutting off some technology for a night and enjoying being in the moment with whatever YOU chose to do? Who cares what everyone else is doing! Have you ever experienced this??  

you can check out the full article at SHAPE.COM.



2 thoughts on ““FOMO”??

    • Hmm… well when we participate in activities that bring us personal fulfillment our level of satisfaction and interest in our own lives increases.. and sometimes as a result can lessen the need we feel to always know the latest of what’s going on in everyone else’s lives aka stalk people on FB… I’ve so done this 🙂 Not saying it makes us uninterested in other people, just interested in a healthy and balanced way. And when we’re satisfied with the events happening in our own lives we’re also less likely to feel that we’re “missing out.”

      Soooo I guess the answer to your question is whatever activities bring you personal fulfillment? they may be different for each person! The key is identifying what they are for you and finding ways to make ’em happen!

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