Christmas in the Air!

This morning got off to a great start as I laced up my shoes and headed outside! Got to enjoy a 4.5 mile run towards a gloriously open sky. Headed back inside to get ready, wrap presents, and begin cooking with the family! To get things started off I brewed a hot cup of pomegranate green tea!

Added some presents under the tree…

 And started baking!

My beautiful sis did a fantastic job smashing the pecans…

These were our finished products!!! Green Bean Casserole, Sweet Potato Casserole w/ Pecan Oatmeal Topping, & dad’s famous Sour Cream Potatoes …Yum!

A Delicious slice of mom’s Strawberry & Chocolate Jiggle Fluff Pie anyone?

Cornish Hens… we each got our own miniature birds!

 And of course some fresh spinach salad to top it off…

Read the story of Jesus birth, then the present opening extravaganza began!!! My family all chipped in and bought me this fun picture b/c of my love for cupcakes! So sweet!

 Sis ‘n I for a classic Christmas pose…

 Then we finished opening presents, tooks some family pictures, and gathered ’round to watch “The Help,” one great movie.

Wow, what a fun day!

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