Really liking this…

Got to check out the new Zumba class again last night… seriously. If you want some booty shakin’ fun then you’ve got to check out a class in your area!

 Rach, Abbs, & I post zumba…

Loved spending some sweet time with my sis and fabulous friend Abby!

Moderation: The Key

Last night as I roamed through Target I got to talk with one of my best friends on the phone. Of course New Years resolutions came up and she told me how eating healthier was one of hers. She is very petite and absolutely adorable so weightloss was not her goal, but overall health was!

We discussed how crazy it is that when you attempt eating EXTREMELY healthy, a lot of times it backfires on you by causing you to crave heavy foods and eventually eat MORE overall a.k.a binge. You could go all day on a “perfect” diet of veggies, fruits, and protein only to find yourself scouring through the cabinets in the evening for something truely satisfying… say chips or chocolate anyone?

So what can someone conclude from this?

The key is everything in…      MODERATION!!!  wait what? … MODERATION!!!!!!

…This is going to be my second word of the year 🙂

Our bodies need a healthy variety of foods that both fill and satisfy while at the same time provide wonderful health benefits. So find some healthy foods that you find delectable! If you like fruit, maybe mix your favorite fruit with some greek yogurt and honey for a perfect snack that’s filling and satisfies that sweet tooth at the same time! Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Or switch out a large plain bagel and cream cheese for a mini whole grain bagel and almond butter or light cream cheese. Still have what you like, just a healthier version of it… be creative! You’d be amazed at how many delicious, HEALTHY options there are out there, it just takes some creativity!

Now this is REAL Zumba!!!

Last night I got to attend a different Zumba class with my sister lead by an instructor named Becca from Lifestyle Family Fitness . It was incredible!!!! For an hour we danced our hearts out to some fun Latin music! This class was much more intense than the first Zumba class I tried and produced much better results as shown by my super sweaty post-workout shirt…

Any dance class that can produce sweat like this is one I will be returning to for sure!!! She’ll be teaching the classes independently every Wednesday night now and I can’t wait to go again. Hmmm, I may become a Zumba junky after this!