Meet the Congdons

April Munsell Congdon

          I originally started this blog with a future cupcake business in mind. But since then, God’s taken my journey a slightly different direction. I’ve since gotten married, moved to San Diego, CA, and now work for a missions organization called Amor Ministries. Here’s my story…

          I gave my life to Christ at a young age and in middle and high school, I began to develop a love for the Spanish language and the Mexican people. During that time I had the opportunity to volunteer with a local organization called Esperanza en Jesucristo that serviced the needs of the local Mexican and Burmese community. After high school I traveled to Mexico for the first time on a mission trip to Mano de Ayuda (an orphanage) in Morelia. Upon returning I committed my life to answering the call to world missions during a youth service at my home church.

          After graduating from high school, I became a student at IUPUI (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis), studied Tourism, Convention & Event Management, and also became involved with a Christian organization called Campus Outreach. With this organization I moved to Orlando, Florida to participate in a Christian discipleship program for the summer growing in my walk with God – learning how to be discipled, disciple others, and share my faith. Toward the end of the summer on July 19, 2009 I recommitted my life to living out the commission of Matthew 28:18-20 and when I moved back to Indiana, I took a position with a local bank where I worked to become an Assistant and then Branch Manager, in the meantime, over the four years that followed. During that time I became a member of Indian Creek Christian Church where I learned about Amor Ministries’ Mexico Family Camp and went on my first trip the summer of 2012.  Because of my decision to go on this trip and Indian Creek’s affiliation with Amor, I met the love of my life, best friend, and life partner, Jordan Congdon.  I knew it was divinely orchestrated by God because for the first time, all of the desires He’d placed in my heart leading up to that point were being realized.  

          Jordan and I are now married and in training with Amor Ministries to move down to the Yucatan next fall and become a part of the management team for Cienega. This facility will be a site for local pastors and students from around the world to receive theological training as well as global student gatherings, mission retreats, offseason athletic training, and sustainable technology. This facility will allow students to receive Biblical training and then apply it within context among the poor. Our hope is to build up the local church as well as the church worldwide by training and motivating others to reach into their own poor and marginalized communities and holistically share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. I am so excited to be a part of the Amor team and join God in what He is doing through this incredible group of people.

Jordan Cooper Congdon

            Jordan was born on December 15, 1986 to his parents Scott and Gayla Congdon in the city of the Happiest Place on Earth.  He grew up in San Diego where he played sports, learned Spanish, saw his parents start a church, went to Mexico and helped build houses more times than he can remember, made some of the best friends that he will have for the rest of his life, and undoubtedly took for granted “the greatest city in the history of mankind,” as Ron Burgundy so eloquently put it.  After spending four years at Saint Augustine High School where he is more known for his third nipple than anything else he accomplished, he left the west coast for Lincoln, Nebraska

          While at the University of Nebraska, Jordan played football, well, he was a kicker and you can decide whether or not you think that is playing football.  He left Nebraska after a year and half for many reasons, and none more than a fresh opportunity.  After spending a semester back in beautiful San Diego and helping out at Amor Ministries, he decided to attend the University of Southern California because as he put it, “It was the one place that I would go if I were never to kick footballs again.”  While at USC, Jordan was very involved in Athletes in Action and the urban ministry that USC’s Athletes in Action director Mike Sylvester organized.  He spent much of his time outside of school and football helping at an after-school program on Skid Row and organized football camps in the housing projects of Watts and Ramona Gardens, and he earned his degree in American Studies and Ethnicity.  It was at the University of Southern California that Jordan clearly realized that his life was to be fully dedicated to God and that he needed to seek God for the first time in order to realize the Father’s heart for his life.  The two most important things that he says he will take from his three years in Los Angeles other than his dear friends and clear realization of God’s heart for justice, specifically for the weak and the poor are: 1) “In the best class I’ve taken in my life called Legacies of Viet Nam, my professor told us, ‘Question everything.’  I carry that bit of advice with me wherever I go.”  And 2) “I realized because of a dear friend of mine, Garland Hunt, that there was more to this whole Christian thing than I had ever imagined and that a life without the Holy Spirit was not worth living.”  So, he went to Seminary at Princeton where against all odds, at least according to most people, he says, “It’s the place that I first encountered God as my Father.” 

          After one and a half crazy years, he was in his second semester at school and he went for the first time in his life to Indiana, where longtime family friends, and really just plain ol’ family, the Mathis’ lived.  This was the first time he had ever been there, and what he did not realize was that this would be the first of many trips he would make there.  This is the way the story about Jordan Congdon began…


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