Harder than I thought…

So a few days ago I posted under my faith page that I was going to spend an equal amount of time in the Word and prayer as I do working out for 7 days and see how the Lord uses that to keep my mind balanced on food, fitness, and life. Well here’s the update…

Days 1 & 2 I didn’t workout so I spent my usual time in the Word before bed.

Day 3 I failed. Spent 45 minutes working out, ran 1.25 mile, did 20 minutes of intervals and 15┬áminutes on an elliptical. All was well as I planned to go home and head to my room to get some time alone with God, but instead was greeted at the door by my adorable little sister who wanted to sleep in my bed and tell stories!!… I totally caved! This left me about 5 minutes to spend in God’s Word and 5 more to say our prayers together.

Day 4 (today) This was the first day I’ve actually done it. wow, reality check!

…Conclusion thus far; I know this is a self imposed goal for a few days and my walk with God isn’t determined by a set routine I have… ┬ábut for me, it is an attempt to measure how much time I truly spend investing into my spirit vs. my body.

I’m excited to see how days 5-7 go!

Any Suggestions??