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Jordan: Well, to be completely honest, it all really started during Christmas break when I was planning my Spring semester class schedule because I had to organize it around this trip I would be taking to Indianapolis during that last week of April.  Even in saying that, I’d have to say it started before then because I should have gone to Indiana many times before because our dear friends the Mathis’ have always lived there, and the fact that on this first visit there I would meet you… I should have been there many times before, but it was this trip, this time, the exact moment that I was supposed to be there.

Engagement Photo 11April: Yeah, and mine started quite some time before as well… back when I decided to become a member at Engagement Photo 3the Creek during the Fall of 2012 because I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  It was during this process that I met Dean and Amy Mathis.  I didn’t see either of them for quite a few months but it just so happened that as my company converted to a new one, it was converting to the company of which Dean and Amy were clients.  Three months later Dean walked into my new office and as I was helping him said, “You may think this is odd but I think the Holy Spirit is leading me to tell you about this trip to Mexico.”  Little did he know that the Lord had placed Mexico on my heart ever since high school and in the last few years, I was looking for an opportunity to go back.  I decided to go and because of this, Sunday morning, April 29th, my family just happened to come to the Creek with me and so I took them to meet Dean and Amy who would be leading the trip to Mexic… lo and behold, Dean introduced me to you who just so happened to be the USC football player that was mentioned during the sermon and I had dismissed as most likely arrogant.

Jordan: Yeah, yeah… cocky football player.  I know, I know.  

Engagement Photo 4April: BUT, you shattered that pre-conceived idea with your refreshing humility and sweet disposition… eh, and charming good looks;)

Jordan: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  Well, when I saw you, my first thought was, “HOT MAMA!”  I saw you from a LONG distance away.  But, being the respectable man that I am, I wasn’t going to let my thoughts go any further than that.  But… when I realized you were talking to Dean and my parents, I did something that most people that know me very well would think is very uncharacteristic… I got out of the chair and positioned myself to make sure Dean would introduce me to you.  And in the matter of five minutes of being introduced, I certainly knew that I was very attracted you, but more importantly, there was just something a bit different about you… looking back on it, I like to think that God gave me a glimpse in those moments of the woman He had made.

April: Aww, babe;)… So we briefly talked for a few minutes… as I turned away, I just began to feel this overwhelming excitement well up in me and jokingly turned to my family and said, “I think I just met my future husband. Seriously, I don’t know if it means I’ll just be working with Amor one day or if it has something more to do with Jordan, but I’m just really excited.”  Engagement Photo 7Jordan:  Yeah, and for me, as you walked away, it was just like I didn’t know what to do, and so Dean and I talked quite a bit about you.  He shared with me the things that you had told him about Mexico and told me, “She is the type of woman that I desire for my boys to marry.”  It was from those two things that I was sold on you… that this was either the woman I would marry, or she better be a whole lot like you.  As Dean and I talked, I mentioned to him that I would be REALLY HAPPY if he would get your number for me… but at the same time, I didn’t know how you would feel about me sending him to get your number for me…

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April: Later that afternoon at a country concert, my friends and I were still talking about you and I jokingly sent a text to the screen saying, “I met my future husband today – April Munsell,” and my friend just so happened to snap a picture of it.  Once I got home, I facebook stalked you and debated adding you, but decided that would be manipulating it and so I didn’t. Instead I just waited and let it go.  My mom actually recommended that I journal about you but I didn’t because I didn’t see how our paths would meet again.

Engagement Photo 10Jordan: The same for me… I only let myself facebook stalk you once;)  So, we were there in Indy that whole next week and I talked more with my parents and Andy, and Dean and Amy about you, and we even discussed inviting you to dinner that week, but it never happened.  I was partly thankful because I would have been so nervous, but I made sure that Dean knew before I left that I would be VERY THANKFUL if he found a way to get your number for me without forcing the situation.  So, I left and came back to New Jersey and just waited… trying not to think too much about the most beautiful woman I had ever seen…

April: Two weeks later, Dean walked into my office and once again started the conversation, “You may think this is odd but… do you remember Jordan Congdon?”  Immediately my heart jumped and I began sweatingEngagement Photo 17 Engagement Photo 16 Engagement Photo 18,

and I said, “Yes!”  Then after a moment of talking, Dean said, “I understand if you need time… to think and pray about it over night…” But I immediately whipped out my business card and wrote my cell number on the back and said, “That’s OK. You can give this to him.” After that I agreed with my mom and decided to journal about you that night because I knew, just maybe, this had been divinely orchistrated by God…

Jordan: And so, Dean gave me call but I missed it… even though it was two weeks since we had been in Indy, I knew why he was calling.  When I saw that he left a message, this was the first thought that went through my mind, “Oh shoot! I really have to call her now!”  And so, I found myself some space for our very first one-on-one conversation, and it was clear to me from that moment that this was going to be very serious… 

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