Harder than I thought…

So a few days ago I posted under my faith page that I was going to spend an equal amount of time in the Word and prayer as I do working out for 7 days and see how the Lord uses that to keep my mind balanced on food, fitness, and life. Well here’s the update…

Days 1 & 2 I didn’t workout so I spent my usual time in the Word before bed.

Day 3 I failed. Spent 45 minutes working out, ran 1.25 mile, did 20 minutes of intervals and 15 minutes on an elliptical. All was well as I planned to go home and head to my room to get some time alone with God, but instead was greeted at the door by my adorable little sister who wanted to sleep in my bed and tell stories!!… I totally caved! This left me about 5 minutes to spend in God’s Word and 5 more to say our prayers together.

Day 4 (today) This was the first day I’ve actually done it. wow, reality check!

…Conclusion thus far; I know this is a self imposed goal for a few days and my walk with God isn’t determined by a set routine I have…  but for me, it is an attempt to measure how much time I truly spend investing into my spirit vs. my body.

I’m excited to see how days 5-7 go!

Any Suggestions??


So tonight I tried Zumba for the first time!!! My sister’s been trying to get me to a class for a while now so I had to see what all the hoop la was about and to my surprise I was impressed… it was a blast!!!

Although it wasn’t until I decided to let go and really feel the music no matter who was watching that I really began to enjoy myself!!! At first all I could do was judge the slow pace of the class and the instructor’s funky skull covered pants (she had quite the 1980s aerobics flare) and think about how much more I could be accomplishing if I sneaked out and jumped on the stairclimber or treadmill… but once I decided change my attitude, to let go and just dance my heart out I realized that you really get as much out of it as you put in!  Adding my own style to the dance moves increased the intensity and made it my own, and her spunky attitude kept the fun coming!

Can’t wait to go again!!

What has your experience been with zumba?!



So today when I was reading SHAPE magazine while sweating at the gym I came across an interesting article called “Fight FOMO” by Anna Maltby. It talks about how social media can actually cause higher levels of stress and anxiety because it causes many people to experience “FOMO” aka “fear of missing out.” This feeling can especially be heightened around the holidays when everyone is posting lots pictures of their fun festivities! This is so true!!! Funny, but true! Crazy how a tool that is supposed to help you feel more connected can do just the opposite! In fact, I’ve heard many stories of individual’s feelings getting hurt because they happened to run across pictures of an event that they weren’t informed of. Anna explains in this brief article how that seeing the exciting events happening in the lives around you can make you feel left out and can in some cases increase feelings of loneliness. Somehow a night in doesn’t seem as appealing when you hear of all the fun things going on around you. It can make it difficult to balance social time and time for personal rejuvenation! So how about shutting off some technology for a night and enjoying being in the moment with whatever YOU chose to do? Who cares what everyone else is doing! Have you ever experienced this??  

you can check out the full article at SHAPE.COM.